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MAO /mah-oh/ 

Our project for an RPG horror game. It will be similar to games like ib, mad Father, and other puzzle like RPG games. 

The game will revolve around a young girl named Mao and her journey through different channels to escape the TV world and to escape the thing chasing her……

The game is currently in progress, but we expect to have a demo released late August.

looking to make a rpg maker team for project



Yes you heard, I want to make a game idea into reality. Sadly this will be too hard and take too long to do just by myself.

I’m looking to recruit the following!!

  • A Programmer
  • A Talented artist

About the game

The game is about a young girl living inside a TV. You…

Kagerou Project Drawing Challenge!! (30 days)


The anime’s coming out soon, less than a day left now is it? :) I thought it might be a good time to make challenges of my own for fun! (not sure if I’ll do this right away though!) I’ve been getting some ideas from other cool challenges out there and some ideas may overlap with those that already…

Day 9: Pegasus & Maximus
Humanization challenge

Day 7&8: Soviet & Disney Winnie the Pooh  

Humanization challenge

Late tumblr post-

Day 6: Lady and the Tramp 

Humanization challenge

Late tumblr post-

Day 5: Toothless & Stormfly 

Day 4: Sulley & Mike
too lazy today 

Day 3: Black Cat & Woof
From Soviet cartoon “Kitten named Woof “
late tumblah post

Day 2: Charlie Itchy & Sasha
Late tumblr-post  from humanization challenge with my friends

new reason why I will never be fashion designer